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From the day we started British Motor Coach way back in 1987, we determined to focus entirely on one very specific segment of the transportation biz that we felt we could best serve and build upon over the years. That beginning many years ago included one beautiful white, right-hand-drive 1950 Bentley MK VI which immediately drew the attention of many in the wedding industry as a near perfect classic car for a most special, classy, and classic event-the joining of what we like to call “the happy couple.”

Since that time, some twenty three years ago, British Motor Coach has built up to a fleet of 8 classic, ageless, and distinctive English beauties to serve brides and grooms on their special days, supported by brand new Lincoln stretch limousines holding 8-10 of the wedding party/family; 14 passenger vans for out of town guests; and 6/7 passenger suv’s and Lincoln Executive-L Town Cars to cover any number of other needs including airport transfers for the honeymoon trip, etc.

The Company has been recognized by nearly everyone involved in virtually every aspect of producing weddings in the general Puget Sound area as the best, most knowledgeable and most helpful of anyone providing transportation to brides and grooms and their families. Seattle Bride Magazine, for instance, has awarded us “Best Wedding Day Transportation/Getaway Car” since the inception of the award 7 years ago and voted on by both vendors to the industry and “happy couples.” The Knot’s Best of Weddings Poll of local brides has also awarded British Motor Coach “Best Wedding Getaway Car” since they started the voting four years ago.

You will find us recommended by innumerable web sites such as Junebug Weddings and Wedding Wire/ Martha Stewart Weddings, where you will find an amazing number of terrific testimonials and one not so terrific from actual brides who have used our services over these many years. We could not have written anything better or more meaningful ourselves. Something else that we hear about every day is the friendliness and helpfulness of both our office staff and ultimately and even more importantly, our well-tenured chauffeurs, who play such an important role on the actual wedding day with their timeliness, warmth, patience, knowledge and experience. Most limousine companies simply provide drivers. We provide honest-to-goodness experienced chauffeurs. You will immediately be able to tell and love the vast difference.

We provide bottled water or cider onboard, as well as our own monogrammed champagne glasses, bucket and ice, and of course, a very special-size jar of Grey Poupon in case anyone asks, and they often do. A little whimsy there to lighten the atmosphere, one of our objectives for every wedding we drive.

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